Forming machine model 4836 pneumatic shaking with additional pressing. Designed for the manufacture of one-time half-molds from sandy-clay mixtures in the conditions of small-scale and batch production.

The machine is a single-position installation with a rolling traverse moving step by step to the forming position. The main unit of the machine is a shaking table with a built-in vibrator. The base of the machine is a steel casing with a centrally located press and four exhaust pneumatic cylinders.

The machine works as follows.

A flask is installed on the press-shaking table and filled with molding sand. Compressed air is supplied to the cavity of the shaking piston, through which the piston moves upward. When it rises, air is cut off under the piston, then exhaust. When the table falls, a shock (shaking) occurs. The shaking process continues as long as compressed air is supplied to the piston cavity.

After the end of the shaking process, the traverse with the press plate is rolled to the pressing position. Compressed air is supplied to the pressing and drawing cylinders. The pressing piston presses the flask against the press plate. The final compaction of the molding sand in the flask takes place.

The suction pistons rise with the press cylinder and the model is drawn out of the mold. To facilitate the process of drawing the model, vibrators are turned on.

The press plunger is lowered with the shaking table to its original position. The pull-out pistons remain in the up position. The mold is lowered together with the table until the investment ring lands on the upper ends of the rods. The sub-model plate moves with the table to its original position. The resulting gap between the flask and the press plate makes it possible to roll back the traverse.

The finished form is removed from the machine by a workshop lift, after which the exhaust pistons and rods return to their original position.

Parametersmodel 4836
Cycle productivity, half molds / h, not less40
Clear flask dimensions, mm (* length × width)1000×600
Clear flask height, mm250
Exhaust stroke, mm220
Carrying capacity, kg, not less900
Pressing force, kN, not less90
Compressed air pressure in the network, MPa0,5-0,63
Overall dimensions, mm, no more
– length2210
– width1265
– height1980
Weight, kg, no more2950

*It is allowed to use flasks with clear dimensions, mm 800 × 630; 630 × 500

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