The metal grinder model 99913 is a modern system developed by Kuzlitmash.

The metal grinder model 99913 is a type of a foundry grinder.

Metal grinder model 99913 is an unseparable part of casting equipment used for big-sized castings.

The specialized casting tools such as the metal grinder model 99913 are able to increase the performance of castings stripping and speed up the production process.

Engineering grinding is a type of abrasive machining process which uses grinding wheel as stripping tool.

The combination of reliability, strength and precision makes the 99913 ideal for grinding parts.

The metal grinder model 99913 is intended for mechanization of stripping iron, steel, titanium and other castings operation (for removing fillings, residues of the gating system, burns) with an abrasive grinding wheel in conditions of small-scale and serial production.

The main units of the metal grinder are: frame, grinding head, longitudinal trolley, transverse trolley, control panel, hydraulic equipment, electrical equipment and dust collector.

The high power allows the 99913 to carry out the most demanding operations faster and with greater operator safety, as well as maximum functionality for very large castings and challenging machining and deburring tasks.

99913 is distinguished by its high grinding performance (metal removal – up to 65 kg / h), it’s capable of increasing labor productivity by seven to ten times when stripping heavy castings.

An abrasive wheel rotating at a high speed, mounted with an electric motor, on a movable grinding head moves in a horizontal plane and, cutting into the casting, removes the required metal layer.

For optimal processing of castings, it is possible to adjust the speed of the transverse, longitudinal, vertical movement of the grinding head, as well as the force and speed of the grinding head when pressed against the workpiece.

Based on the configuration of the castings, for more efficient processing, we can offer the additional equipment of the 99913 with a replaceable grinding head with a cut-off wheel or a head with a vertical position of the tool.

The pressing pressure of the grinding head is controlled by a pressure gauge, installed on the remote control panel.

Moving the grinding wheel in the longitudinal, transverse, vertical directions and turning is carried out from two electric joysticks located on the control panel.

For the operator’s convenience, the control panel is located on a movable bolster hinged to the frame of the complex.

To protect the operator’s workplace with a control panel, a fence from the processing area with a screen made of steel mesh and glass is provided. The 99913 design provides a pedal located in the lower part of the control panel, when pressed, the strokes of the grinding head are stopped urgently and lifted from the workpiece being processed.

The dust collection system consists of a dust collector connected to the workshop aspiration system to clean the air from smoke and fine dust and nozzles for blowing off the dust with compressed air.

We can to find and implement the optimal solution to offer a non-standard solution for equipping the 99913 metal grinder with a positioner for complex configuration castings, which will maximize processing productivity.


Overall dimensions of the processed casting in cross-section, mm (recommended):
– width

– height

– length when laying on a parade ground or in cradles

– length when feeding the casting using a trolley (recommended)





Grinding wheel spindle speed, min-11475
Performance (metal removal), kg / hourup to 65
The highest speed of the grinding head movement without load in the vertical, transverse and longitudinal directions, m / min6,0
Cutting speed (with the largest diameter of the grinding wheel – 600 mm), m / s50
Angle of rotation of the roughing head around the longitudinal axis135º

(45º from the vertical axis counterclockwise and 90º from the vertical axis clockwise when viewed from the drive end)

Installed power of electric motors, kW, no more60
Metal grinder weight, kg, no more8500
Positioner weight, kg, no more7000
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