Designed for cold stamping operations requiring high specific pressures with small working strokes of the slide (chasing, calibration, finishing and volumetric shaping) as well as cold extrusion operations of steel parts.

A knuckle- joint mechanism is a mechanical joint used to connect two rods which are under a tensile load, when there is a special requirement of small amount of flexibility, or angular moment is obligatory.

Closed top-drive presses. Knuckle-joint press operates in the following modes: adjustment; manual cranking; single stroke; continuous strokes. They are controlled from a portable control panel. Lubrication system: centralized liquid.

Knuckle-joint coin presses are useful for minting of coins due to their rigidity and high performance. Coins minting is the process of manufacturing coins using various kinds of forming. Coin stamping machine manufactured by OJSC Kuzlitmash differs from the machines of competitors with its reliability and longevity. Knuckle-joint coin presses by OJSC Kuzlitmash can be recommended for various types of manufacturers as the best solution to the coin equipment.

Knuckle-joint coin press is widely used in the automotive industry for manufacturing various automotive parts and can be also indicated as automotive press.

ParametersKR 8334KR 8336KR 8338KR 8340KR 8342KR 8344V
Rated force, kN250040006300100001600025000
Slide stroke, mm, not less120130150170180190
Frequency of continuous slide strokes, min-1, not less605040322520
Slide stroke to its lowest position, mm
with the development of rated force1,21,62,02,53,24,0
with the 25% development of the rated force151923303948
Distance between the die plate and slide in its lower position at the upper adjustment position, mm300375420470510560
Adjustment value of the distance between the die plate and slide, mm121216161625
The die plate dimensions, mm
from left to right40050063082010201250
front to back40050063082011801250
Slide dimensions from front to back, mm, not less3204005007509001000
Ejector stroke, mm
Ejector force, kN, not less
Power consumed by the control system, kW, no more7,313293559134
Working pressure of compressed air, MPa0,450,450,450,60,60,6
Air consumption, Nm3/stroke, no more0,0090,0140,0170,0170,0170,017
Press dimensions, mm, no more
from left to right176019402214275032804150
front to back113012401485159023002950
height above floor level260028003610392543106540
Weight, kg, no more55158425135352600052300110000
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