Our Facility

Our company accepts orders for the manufacture of various parts according to customer drawings, as well as for metalworking of various parts and profiles. The availability of highly qualified specialists and modern equipment makes it possible to fulfill orders for metalworking in the shortest possible time and with high quality of the products received.

Possible orders for serial production of metal products, as well as for single products:

Turning operations

  • Maximum diameter – 1000 mm;
  • Length of parts up to 5000mm

Operations on the vertical lathes

  • Maximum diameter – 4000 mm
  • Height of parts up to 2000mm

Milling operations

  • Length of parts up to 6m
  • Width up to 2.5m
  • Weight up to 30 tons

Blanking and Welding operations

  • Plasma and oxygen cutting of a sheet up to 150mm
  • Certified production of welded structures
  • CNC rolls for complex sheet bending (Sheet width 2500mm)
  • Banding operations on a press brake

Boring operations

  • Maximum processing diameter – 4150 mm;
  • Maximum length – 8000 mm
  • Accuracy – from H 7.
  • Parts weight up to 30 tons.


  • Cylindrical gears with straight and oblique teeth with a diameter of up to 2500mm and a maximum modulus of 27mm, worm gears;
  • shafts – up to 5000 mm in length, up to 500 mm in diameter;
  • control and measuring equipment for the control of parts of the “shaft” and “hole” type of the seventh grade of accuracy; measuring equipment (mandrels, calibers) for checking the geometric accuracy of machine tools;
  • tool holder for metal cutting tools.

Surface Grinding Operations

  • Maximum length of grinding – 6000 mm;
  • Maximum width – 2500 mm;
  • Accuracy – 0.003 mm and more;

Cylindrical Grinding operations

External grinding operations:

  • Maximum length of grinding – 2800 mm;
  • Maximum diameter – 800 mm

Internal grinding operations:

  • Maximum part length – 800 mm;
  • Maximum length of grinding – 400 mm;
  • Maximum diameter – 250 mm

Planing operations

  • Maximum processing length – 6000 mm;
  • Maximum height – 1000 mm;
  • Maximum width – 1000 mm;
  • Accuracy – 0.2 mm and higher

Electroplating Operations

  • Covering: hard chrome up to 2000mm length;
  • Chemical zinc plating

Heat treatment

  • Quenching tempering normalization;
  • Part weight 1 to 3 tons;
  • Annealing of metal structures
    (Weight up to 15 tons);
  • Annealing furnace dimensions — 5.0×2.5×3.0m

Assembly operations

Assembly of complex units for the needs of the machine tool industry:

  • Weight of parts and assemblies up to 50 tons

Phytosanitary treatment of wood packaging material

Drying chamber dimensions:


  • Length 6m
  • Width 4m
  • Height 10m.