Retrofit and modernization of metalworking and metal-cutting equipment

In modern conditions, industrial enterprises have to solve problems associated with the technological retrofitting.

The purchase of new modern equipment requires significant capital investments while retrofit and modernization of the old one is much cheaper. This path for many enterprises is practically the only opportunity to extend the life of the machine, increase productivity, flexibility and safety of their own production, improve the quality of products, and expand technological capabilities in the development of new product types.

Thus, modernization of the equipment is one of the ways to achieve this.

Specialists of OJSC Kuzlitmash will agree with you the terms of the equipment retrofit and modernization, both of its own production and of other manufacturers.

The technology of the equipment retrofit and modernization includes:

  • diagnostics;
  • restoration of basic surfaces, machine geometry;
  • complete disassembly with cleaning and washing of all units and parts of the equipment from dirt, followed by their revision, repair or replacement with new ones;
  • assembly and adjustment of all units and systems of the equipment;
  • equipment run-in and bringing to initial accuracy standards;
  • ensuring ergonomics, taking into account modern requirements, incl. to the appearance of the equipment;
  • carrying out installation, commissioning;
  • warranty service.




The high-quality equipment retrofit is carried out by professionals of OJSC Kuzlitmash.

The implementation of all work allows to improve the operation control of the machine mechanisms, increase the reliability of the electrical equipment operation through the use of modern components, reduce the downtime of the machine when eliminating failures in the operation of electrical equipment, which will ultimately lead to an increase in productivity and an extension of the metalworking equipment service life.

The professionalism of our specialists will allow us to solve the assigned tasks qualitatively and on time.

Call us and we’ll provide advice on retrofit and modernization of metalworking and metal-cutting equipment!

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